DMR Radios Manufactured to the Highest Standards

Information is instantaneous... Mototrbo digital radio systems easily and effortlessly connect people at their place of work with safe and powerful radio sound quality. Your radio communication becomes faster and interference-free with higher sound quality. New features have been added to meet your current and future radio communication needs with Bluetooth or our industry-leading data applications. Mototrbo radios have been designed by millions of users to increase efficiency, productivity and the security of radio communications. We work to help people when they need it.

Our services


You can get technical service from our company regarding the radio devices you are using, regardless of any brand or model.

Radio Rental

You can obtain the radio communication system that your company needs from our company by renting it without purchasing it.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

With our dealership of Filotürk vehicle tracking systems, we provide service to your company to reduce your costs by saving time and fuel, and to increase your control over vehicles and drivers.

Sales Services

We offer analog radio systems, digital radio systems, licensed and unlicensed radio models, accessories and electronic security systems products by fully understanding your needs and helping your company to make the right choice.

System Setup

It is impossible to establish radio communication in large buildings, tunnels and closed areas such as mines without a system. Our company produces special radio communication solutions for your company and project by using both wired and wireless wireless communication systems technologies.Turkey-wide Okth service

Other services

Turkey-wide Okth service